X/OS Linux 4.0 Released


After some delay, the final release of X/OS Linux 4.0 is now available to the public.

The X/OS Linux team has spent considerable effort to assure the label enterprise-grade Linux for this milestone release. With the simultaneous availability of X/OS Linux 4.0 for x86 and x86_64 processor architectures, it delivers the latest “best-of-breed” Free and Open Source software for both 32- and 64-bit platforms.

Highlights include the 2.6 Linux kernel featuring numerous enhancements over the previous 2.4 version, Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to apply more granular security policies, improved storage capabilities supporting file systems of up to 8TB and more.

The Global File System (GFS) and Cluster Suite software is included in this release to ease the task of creating and managing advanced cluster configurations, and is available as an extra option during installation. This powerful set of tools provides seamless scalability of applications such as databases, web servers and high-performance computing clusters — with GFS enabling nodes to simultaneously read and write to a single shared filesystem.

Next to providing an advanced server platform, X/OS Linux 4.0 adds various enhancements to the desktop — increasing usability with greatly improved office productivity tools, plug-and-play USB device recognition and power management supporting the ACPI standard.

In addition to compatibility with the de facto distribution for deploying Linux in the enterprise, X/OS Linux strides to include various other useful packages and tools that conform to the standard for mature and robust “enterprise-grade” software. One example is Xfce, an extra option in addition to Gnome and KDE, offering a light-weight desktop environment suited for use on low-end or thin client systems.

For more details, please consult the documentation.

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