X/OS Linux 4 Approaching Final Release Date


After several delays, the release of X/OS Linux 4 is now firmly set for the first half of July.

Development of the new build system has been frozen and the final builds have been started. Further improvements in the automated build system were finalized, most of the effort spent on additional checking of the build output. With X/OS Linux being a self-hosted distribution, whereby the sources are built upon the binaries generated from the same source, the entire generation process spans several days. Once the final images have been created, additional tests are run to ensure the quality of the final release. With no further difficulties expected at this stage, the first half of July should definitely see the release of X/OS Linux 4.

10/13 - X/OS Linux 4 Migration to CentOS 4


8/25 - X/OS Linux 5 Migration to CentOS 5